Baosteel Zhanjiang 2,150mm CCM Successful Hot Test

The 2,150mm continuous cast machine (CCM) at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base passed the hot test once through at 04:56 AM on September 28, 2015, producing the slab in specification of 1,450mmx230mm. CISDI undertook the overall design and partial package supply of the project.

In the early morning of that day, the 520t liquid steel ladle was stably put into place on turret; once the demand of starting hot test was sent from the pulpit, the turret rotated to the waiting position, the tundish car ran to casting position and its lifting device fell down; then the turret rotated to casting position, the slide gate of steel ladle was opened, and the nozzle of tundish opened in sequence, lasting about 40min. Immediately afterwards, two streams of red strands came out of segments with the traction of dummy bar, being treated by cutting, deburring and spray-marking in turn, and they were received by traversing car onto the Row-B roller table, and successfully across the pusher/stacker, and lifted by tongs crane into the air-cooling yard.

Phase I of Zhanjiang Casting Unit was planned to hold 3-set 2-strand slab casters and 2-set 2-strand 2,150mm slab casters, producing 6Mt/a qualified slabs, and still 1-set 2,300mm slab caster, producing 2.75Mt/a qualified slabs, which would be respectively supplied to the corresponding 2,250mm Hot Mill and 4,200mm Heavy Plate Mill. CISDI contracted the complete plant design of Phase I, and package supply of equipment above platform, equipment in run-out area of 2-set 2-strand 2,150mm slab caster, and equipment of 1-set 2-strand 2,300mm slab caster. The recently started-up No.2 2,150mm slab caster would serve the production of special-purpose steel, automobile sheet, pipeline steel, structural steel and boiler steel by casting the strands in specifications of 230mm thick, 900mm~2,150mm wide and 8,000mm~11,000mm long.

Baosteel earlier brought forward the construction principle of simplicity, efficiency and economy and design principle of a modernized, eco-care and productive carbon steel base. To that end, CISDI, upholding the five-harmony concept in environment, equipment, structure, redundancy and maintenance, had addressed multiple specialized studies on various types of casters through comparisons and verifications in respect of process layout, equipment configuration and automation control. Experiencing 5 years of perseverance, CISDI has supported Baosteel in achieving the given targets of building a functionally complete while economical investment caster project, saving 50% of CAPEX compared with the similar casters in Baosteel. Advanced technologies were integrated in the said 2,150mm caster project, to name a few, the 520t world’s largest steel ladle turret, mould’s EMS, online mechanical scarfing and efficient and environment-friendly utilities.