CISDI upgrade Xinyu’s Billet Caster with Proprietary Continuous Casting Technologies

On February 22, 2017, one month after start-up, the modernization of #3 Billet Caster was successfully completed.
Approximately 90,000 tones of billets have been produced with good quality, fulfilling the desired target.

#3 Billet Caster of Xinyu

#3 Billet Caster of Xinyu Iron & Steel

CISDI’s Proprietary technologies have been applied to the modernization of the billet caster, including continuous straightening, cut billet length management, 3D dynamic control of secondary cooling zone. CISDI also supplied the straightener.

Through the modernization, the #3 Billet Caster can produce 1 Mtpa 135x135mm and 160x160mm billets of quality carbon structural, low alloy, spring, cold heading, hard wire steels.