CISDI Makes Keynote Speech on Green EAF Technology to Global Audience

CISDI impressed fellow iron and steel traders from around the globe with its world-leading achievements in green technology for electric arc furnace steelmaking.

CISDI UK Chairperson Ms. Yang takes centre stage to discuss New-Generation Green EAF Technology at the forum

The Chinese engineering giant spoke before an audience of 700 at the 6th International Iron & Steel Forum in Izmir, Turkey.

The May gathering was hosted by Turkey’s National Metallurgical Engineers Association and CISDI was honoured to be a Silver Sponsor of the event.

The company’s keynote speech outlined the huge advancements in commercial competitiveness that can be achieved through innovative advancements in new-generation Green EAF and System Energy Optimisation. It was met with great interest by the audience.

While attending the forum, CISDI also explored new project opportunities with representatives of Erdemir and Tosyali Steel and established new contacts with such steelmakers as Izmir, BASTUG, Dilier and Ekinciler.

Members of CISDI, with clients at the Turkey I&S International forum