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Iron Making

/ Technology / Projects

CISDI supplies technologically-advanced blast furnaces and hot stoves that make the iron ore melting process simpler and faster. We are capable of providing services for blast furnace design and EPC.

As well as supplying modernized blast furnaces and hot stoves for the ironmaking process, CISDI also supply PCI systems and slag granulation systems amongst a series of other products which means that CISDI is the only supplier you will need throughout the ironmaking process.

Contact CISDI today to find out how our team of experts can help you throughout the ironmaking process with their experience and modern products.


>4000m³ 4000m³ – 2000m³ 2000m³ – 1000m³ <1000m³ Total
14 22 26 91 153


Blast Furnace System Integration

Integration of smelting technologies, plants, and control, management of modern blast furnaces, in addition to providing all-around solutions of engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and startup, all help CISDI to obtain a long reference list of more than 140 blast furnaces at Baosteel, TISCO, etc. CISDI offer software that allows customers to perform simulations and numerical analysis, allowing optimization in operation of their blast furnace.

Long Campaign Life

CISDI have designed many large BFs (>10,000t/m3) that have long campaign life (15-20 years). Extensive research in long-life blast furnaces has led to understanding that 4 key areas must be optimised in order to maximise campaign life:

  • Blast furnace Proper Profile Design
  • Blast furnace temperature and stress field analysis and simulation
  • Optimal Configurations of BF Cooling System
  • Blast furnace Proper Monitoring

Blast Furnace Overhauling

Through extensive study on BF structure and fast replacement of components, CISDI has gained proprietary BF overhaul expertise. CISDI offer different solutions for BF dismantling/restoration depending on client requirements. CISDI offer super-large blast furnace tower overhaul services, where modular components are assembled off-site and are lifted onto site to replace the outgoing furnace. This results in a smaller downtime and therefore a reduced loss in productivity.

CISDI offer extremely fast overhaul times: No.1 Baosteel 78 days, No.2 Baosteel 76 days.

Pulverized Coal Injection

CISDI is one of the world’s leading PCI system providers, having more than 50 references in the last 40 years. Technical advantages of using CISDI PCI systems:

  • Unique pulverization system:

    Stove off gas or other waste gases can be used as the drying medium for coal pulverisation. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lower emissions.

  • Low-speed dense-phase transport system:

    The pulverised coal is transported in a small amount of additional gas at low speed in the dense phase, with a 40kg/kg solid-gas mass ratio. This is favourable on injection into the blast furnace.

  • Long-distance transportation:

    CISDI is capable of providing coal injection mains that feed directly into the blast furnace over 1200m in length.

  • Even coal flow at tuyeres:

    PCI system is designed with an equal pressure drop in each branch, balancing the coal flow at each of the tuyeres.

Hot Stoves

With over 160 references globally, CISDI are a worldwide supplier for hot stove technology. CISDI have provided designs for: external combustion, internal combustion and top combustion hot stoves. CISDI have many patented products regarding hot stove technology, including: sleeved ceramic burners, 3-hole ceramic burner, rectangular ceramic burner and top-combustion hot stove burners.

Tuyere Platforms & Casthouses

Flat casthouses, casthouses without sand filling, optimal casthouse equipment configuration, suspended and floor-mounted runner cover manipulator equipment, and various tapholes & tilting runner dedustors. Provide Fully flat casthouse, Fully cleaned dust and Fully safe operational and quick service equipment.

Spherical Joint

Featuring novel appearance and simple structural load application, the spherical joint allows homogeneous gas pressure, smooth gas flow. The height of gas pipe can be lowered by about 11m, reducing the capital expenditure.

Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) Dry Dedusting

Compared with conventional wet dust removal, BFG dry dedusting has the advantages of cost saving, land efficiency, no water consumption, little pollution, low energy consumption, ideal purifying effect, and more. Also, it can make full use of the gas sensible heat and dry type TRT technology to produce more electricity.

Top Recovery Turbines (TRT)

CISDI started research and development of TRT technology in 1976 and supplied the engineering design and EPC services for the blast furnaces of Baosteel, Ansteel, NISCO, etc.