CISDI UK: A new window in the West Opened by CISDI

CISDI UK Limited held her opening ceremony in Sheffield in Britain on May 14, 2015. The important figures from various walks of life were invited, such as Mr. Peter Rippon, the mayor of Sheffield, CISDI-UK employees and representative of London branch of Bank of China.

CISDI-UK is established as a gate way for developing overseas markets, in her due position to harness local resources, solicit information and tap business opportunities in such fields as steel industry, architecture and environmental protection in Britain and other European countries. CISDI-UK will offer consulting and engineering services for his clients backed up by her competent expertise and marketing channels from CISDI’s headquarters. Besides, CISDI embraces her UK subsidiary as a charmer of more talents reserve from abroad.

In line with MCC’s strategic orientation as a leader to perform as a major power in global metallurgical industry, CISDI-UK stands for the accelerated pace that China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), the world’s largest metallurgical contractor, responds to the national “going global” call and the active determination to expose better to developed countries.

CISDI UK is the fourth overseas branch after Brazil, India and Vietnam.