CISDI’s super-thick slab caster for Minmetals Yingkou looks set to be a world-leader

CISDI has played a major role in creating what could be a new world-leader for super-thick slab casting.


A new caster at Minmetals Yingkou Plant features CISDI’s patented and highly-advanced core technologies for strand soft reduction, heavy reduction at the end of solidification and robot-controlled automatic distribution.

During successful hot-testing, Q235 slab with a cross-section of 320mm x 2,030mm was produced at a casting speed of 0.6 metres per minute.

Equipment installation and commissioning had to be carried out at Yingkou’s existing workshop while production continued.

It took only 50 days to complete the project, thanks to close co-ordination from the CISDI team, the client, construction and supervision companies.

The slab caster is designed as a vertical-curved type. It can achieve a maximum production thickness of 470 millimetres and slab width ranging from 2,000 to 2,400 millimetres.

Online width adjustment expertise enables it to produce cut-lengths ranging from 2,400 to 4,800 millimetres.

The caster is capable of producing peritectic steel, high-carbon and medium-carbon steel, low-alloy and alloy steel.