CISDI Revamp the Material Stockyard at Handan Steel

CISDI revamped the stockyard from an open yard to a covered stockyard system.

The revamp was made on-line with over 120 steps to transition from the original to the revamped configuration.

Benefits of the Revamp of Handan’s Stockyard
Storage Capacity Increased Up 100% (0.5M-1M)
Land Use Decrease 33,000 m² (~15%)
Material Loss Reduced 85%
Operation cost saving $17 million/year

The economic benefits,
– Reduced material losses
– Reduced Manpower requirements
– Reduced land consumption
– Increased storage capacity
– Reduced operation costs

The environmental benefits,
– Dust emissions reduced by 90%
– No water pollution
– Improved operating conditions on site
– Improved environmental conditionals in surrounding area

These benefits can easily be seen in the pictures before and after revamping

Material Storage and Handling.

CISDI can supply several configurations of covered stockyard to suit the plant and land requirements.

Generation I (B, C, D, E Types) and Generation II CISDI-ECIA Type, Bulk Material Handling systems and Covered Stockyards.

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