Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Enters the Production Stage

The biggest and most ambitious steel complex in Southeast Asia successfully entered its production stage at the end of May.

The CISDI-built mega blast furnace at Formosa Ha Tinh Steel’s £11 billion complex in Vietnam was blown in on May 29 and tapped hot metal the next day.

BF1 has now achieved normal operation levels and construction of the plant’s BF2 is very close to completion.

CISDI was awarded the contract for both furnaces on an EPC basis and civil construction started in 2013.

Both BFs have an inner volume of 4,350m3 and have the capacity to produce a hot metal output of 3.197Mt/a – rivalling the production capabilities of the biggest mega BFs in the world.

CISDI’s ultra-high performance and low energy consumption patented blast furnace technology won it the contract.

The company’s unique BCQS ‘no-bell top’ distributors and slag granulating drums have been incorporated into the design of both furnaces and over 90% of the equipment has been made in China.

CISDI has provided consulting, elaborate engineering and project management services for the construction of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel in Vietnam. Its expertise is ensuring high-quality process control on design, equipment and safety from project start-up to completion.

Mr. Chenyuan, chairman of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel, presses the button on the blow-in of BF1

FHS BF2 construction is nearing completion

Mr. Xiao Xuewen, chairman of CISDI, presents the startup memorial to FHS

FHS BF1 in full production

360 View of Formosa Ha Tinh site

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