Steel Business

A leading light in the metallurgical industry, CISDI is recognised worldwide for its excellence in delivering large-scale turnkey engineering design projects.
It has worked on many of the world’s most prominent national buildings and transportation systems and has delivered solutions to 35 of the world’s top 80 iron and steel companies.

CISDI is the complete engineering solution for iron or steel enterprises.

To date, CISDI’s designs for the global steel industry include 172 blast furnaces, 125 converters, 60 EAFs, 108 continuous casters and 170 rolling mills for clients within the steel industry.

With over 5,000 engineers in CISDI and more than 120,000 in the MCC group, no project is too big or too small. The company delivers engineering design, procurement and construction services for schemes with a total value of 18 billion USD.

  • General Layout General Layout

    General Layout

    CISDI's experience in master plan and general layout design can give significant cost savings by optimising the plant layout.

  • Material Storage & Handling Material Storage & Handling

    Material Storage & Handling

    CISDI is highly competent in consulting, design, technological development and EPC for raw materials / fuels of the steel industry.

  • Iron Making Iron Making

    Iron Making

    CISDI are the only supplier iron-making companies need to turn to.

  • Steel Making Steel Making

    Steel Making

    CISDI undertakes highly-specialised steelmaking engineering projects worldwide every year.

  • Continuous Casting Continuous Casting

    Continuous Casting

    With in depth process knowledge, CISDI can supply Slab, Billet/Bloom, Beam Blank Casters.

  • Rolling Mills Rolling Mills

    Rolling Mills

    Rolling Mills are one of CISDI's core businesses, engaged in plant design, process design and technology.

  • Automation Control Automation Control

    Automation Control

    Our extensive experience in steelmaking technology makes us a trusted provider of automation control systems to the world's foremost producers of high-grade quality steel.

  • Equipment Spares Equipment Spares

    Equipment Spares

    CISDI can supply equipment spares to the original specification or upgraded to incorporate the clients ideas or CISDI's latest technology.

  • Non Steel Business Non Steel Business

    Non Steel Business

    CISDI undertakes many diverse design and construction projects.
    Buildings, Theme Parks and Infrastructure.