Cold Rolling Technology

Continuous Pickling Line Coupled with Cold Tandem Mill

CISDI can supply basic engineering, detail engineering, software programming and commissioning for continuous pickling lines coupled with cold tandem mills. Turbulent pickling and five-stand six-high tandem mill has been implemented into the 1450mm cold sheet/coil line for Tangshan Fengnan which was supplied by CISDI on an EPC basis. CISDI have replaced foreign companies in being the leading supplier for cold strip mills in China.

Six-High Single-Stand Reversible Cold Rolling Line

CISDI have provided the fastest six-high single stand rolling mill in China with a rolling speed of 1200m/min. This was provided by CISDI on an EPC basis.

Continuous Annealing and Galvanizing Lines

CISDI are the leading designers in continuous annealing, continuous aluminizing/galvinizing and continuous galvanizing/annealing in China.

Skin Pass Machine

Skin pass machines developed by CISDI have been applied in many continuous galvanizing projects, making us the leading supplier in the world.