Hot Rolling Technology

Hot Strip Mill Technology System Integration

CISDI are the ideal supplier for hot strip mills, with abundant experience in EPC, EP, independent system integration and overall technical responsibility in this field. CISDI have many proprietary products in this field, ensuring that the quality is up to the internationally advanced level.

Flying Crank Shear

CISDI designed the largest flying crank shear in China; it can cut through high-strength API5L-X100 pipeline steel of 60mm thickness and 2,150mm width.

Hydraulic Servo System for Hot Strip Mills

CISDI have developed a fully proprietary hydraulic servo control system alongside the 1,750mm hot strip mills for Xinjiang Bayi Steel and Tiantie. The successful implementation of this technology has filled the technological gap in China.

Efficiency Laminar Cooling Device

CISDI patented efficiency laminar cooling device is comprised of three zones: intensified cooling zone, micro zone and trimming zone. With maximum cooling intensity of 170m3/m2h. It can be applied in various patterns to adapt to micro-alloy high-strength steel, high-strength steel with ultra-fine grain, DP, TRIP and MS rolling.

Skin Pass and Coil Dividing Line

CISDI provide leading skin pass mill technology, offering solutions for a variety of sizes including: 1,450mm, 1,500mm, 1,580mm, 1,750mm, 1,780mm, 1,880mm, 2,050mm, 2,250mm. The skin passed strip can have tensile strength up to 1,200MPa.

Heavy-duty Downcoiler

CISDI have designed the most powerful downcoiler in China for high-strength pipeline steel API 5L X 100 of 20mm (thickness) X 2,150mm (width).

Air Mist Cooling in Heat Treatment

CISDI developed the innovative air mist cooling plant for plate heat treatment.