Industrial Furnace Technology

Walking Beam RHF

CISDI is one of the innovators responsible for the development of walking beam RHF technology. More than 80 walking beam RHFs have been designed and put into use. CISDI industrial furnace has made important contributions to the Chinese steel industry.

Annular RHF

Over the past decade, dozens of Annular RHFs have been built for reheating pipes in tube plants and reheating rolling tubes in wheel hub factories. CISDI industrial furnace has become the leading supplier for annular RHF in the domestic market.

Heat Treatment Furnaces

CISDI offer the following technologies which can be used for: continuous galvanizing, quenching, annealing, tempering, hardening, solution treatment and stainless steel bright annealing, which allows the customer to produce a product that satisfies their exact specification.

  • Heat treatment furnace for pipe
  • Roller hearth furnace for heavy plate furnace
  • Continuous galvanizing and annealing furnace

Evaporative Cooling System and Waste Heat Recovery Technology

CISDI have developed patented and proprietary technologies for evaporative cooling and waste heat recovery, which improve the overall efficiency of the plant. These include:

  • Patented technology for invention of evaporative cooling system with forced recirculation
  • Patented technology for practical new walking device
  • Proprietary low drum evaporative cooling system in natural circulation
  • Proprietary waste heat recovery technology with lower waste gas temperature
  • CISDI has developed its hydraulic computation software for circulation cooling water

CAE Technology

Accurate finite element analysis is used to ensure design accuracy and efficiency. CAE technology is used to analyze the reliability and safety of products, to optimize the design and improve the product quality. Virtual and multi-condition simulations are used to minimize R&D costs, shorten the R&D cycle to bring new products to market.