Iron Making Technology

Blast Furnace System Integration

Integration of smelting technologies, plants, and control, management of modern blast furnaces, in addition to providing all-around solutions of engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and startup, all help CISDI to obtain a long reference list of more than 140 blast furnaces at Baosteel, TISCO, etc.

Long-life BF Proper Technology

Series BFs with proper designed with cooling plate thick-wall, cooling stave thin-wall, and combined plate + stave; Iron tapping per unit furnace volume in one service campaign life: more than 10,000t/m³, at most 15,000t/m³.

  • BF Proper Profile Design
  • Analysis & Design of BF Bottom & Hearth, Shaft Temperature Field and Stress Field
  • Optimal Configurations of BF Cooling System
  • BF Proper Monitoring

Blast Furnace Quick Overhauling

Super-large blast furnace tower structure, after pre-assembled outside the site, is lifted and replaced as a whole, thus shortening the blast furnace downtime for overhauling, and accordingly, reducing production loss.

Pulverized Coal Injection

Engineering experiences and R & D activities have provided CISDI with such technologies as pulverized bituminous coal injection, dense-phase injection and one injection vessel corresponding to several BFs. CISDI’s designed: Fully automatic-control PCI system; Adapting to 1000~5000m³ BFs; 3-hopper injection, effectively recycling nitrogen; Injection concentration: solid-gas ratio: >30kg/kg; Max. injecting distance: 800m

Tuyere Platforms & Casthouses

Flat casthouses, casthouses without sand filling, optimal casthouse equipment configuration, suspended and floor-mounted runner cover manipulator equipment, and various tapholes & tilting runner dedustors. Provide Fully flat casthouse, Fully cleaned dust and Fully safe operational and quick service equipment.

Spherical Joint

Featuring novel appearance and simple structural load application, the spherical joint allows homogeneous gas pressure, smooth gas flow. The height of gas pipe can be lowered by about 11m, reducing the capital expenditure.

Bell-less Top

CISDI has independently developed fully localized bell-less top technologies and core equipment with independent intellectual property rights. This kind of bell-less blast furnace top features compact structure, easy maintenance, blanking in the middle of the furnace, and even material distribution. Additionally, the bell-less top has been successfully applied to a 5000m³ blast furnace of Baosteel.

Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) Dry Dedusting

Compared with conventional wet dust removal, BFG dry dedusting has the advantages of cost saving, land efficiency, no water consumption, little pollution, low energy consumption, ideal purifying effect, and more. Also, it can make full use of the gas sensible heat and dry type TRT technology to produce more electricity.

Top Recovery Turbines (TRT)

CISDI started research and development of TRT technology in 1976 and supplied the engineering design and EPC services for the blast furnaces of Baosteel, Ansteel, NISCO, etc.