Material storage & Handling

Mass Flow Simulation and Mass Flow Study of Large Stockyards

By applying mass flow simulation methods and combining stockyard scheduling strategy with computer simulation, simulation studies can be performed on sophisticated stockyards in steel plants. This allows optimizion of stockyard design and production scheduling.

Development and Analysis of Key Equipment and Processes

CISDI is proud of its strong capacity in developing and commercializing key equipment, alongside its capability in process development for raw material handling and treatment. This includes dynamic analysis and control for large shuttle conveyor, environmentally-friendly tripper, updated large discharging car, belt conveyor head extending device and high-capacity conveyor.

Circular Economy and Environmentally Friendly Design

The principle of a circular economy is extremely important to CISDI, as it allows the extraction of maximum value from a product, reducing the need for raw material. An example of this: recycled material treatment for Bayuquan stockyard, providing a reliable solution for steelmakers to develop circular economy.

The wide application of water spraying, surface covering, wind-proof net (wall) and closed stockyard design accomplishes remarkable results in the fields of dust protection, energy efficiency and environmental protection.