Pulverized Coal Injection

CISDI is one of the world’s leading PCI system providers, having more than 50 references in the last 40 years. Technical advantages of using CISDI PCI systems:

  • Unique pulverization system:

    Stove off gas or other waste gases can be used as the drying medium for coal pulverisation. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lower emissions.

  • Low-speed dense-phase transport system:

    The pulverised coal is transported in a small amount of additional gas at low speed in the dense phase, with a 40kg/kg solid-gas mass ratio. This is favourable on injection into the blast furnace.

  • Long-distance transportation:

    CISDI is capable of providing coal injection mains that feed directly into the blast furnace over 1200m in length.

  • Even coal flow at tuyeres:

    PCI system is designed with an equal pressure drop in each branch, balancing the coal flow at each of the tuyeres.