Steelmaking Automation

Automation Control for Hot Metal Desulfurization Units

  • Desulfurizing agent addition amount calculation model
  • Powder proportion calculation model
  • Desulfurizing stirring duration calculation model

Automation Control techniques for Converters

  • Main raw material calculation model
  • Slag forming calculation model
  • Blowing mode calculation model
  • Tapping prediction model
  • End-point calculation model
  • Ladle alloying model

Dynamic Control Models

  • Sub-lance lowering time calculation
  • Coolant and oxygen flow control model
  • End-point temperature and composition prediction model
  • BP neural network early warning model
  • Expert System-based Parameter Adaptation

Automation Control for Electric Arc Furnaces

  • Principal materials model
  • Slag former model
  • Alloy model
  • Thermal balance calculation model
  • Batching optimization calculation model
  • Terminal forecasting calculation

Automation Control for Ladle Furnaces

  • Deoxidation model
  • Slag formation model
  • Composition tuning model
  • Argon blowing & stirring model
  • Heating-up model

Automation Control for Continuous Casters

  • Dynamic secondary cooling water control model
  • Optimized cutting model
  • Quality evaluation model
  • Dynamic soft reduction model
  • Breakout prevention model
  • Hydraulic mold oscillator control
  • Casting powder feeding into mould
  • On-line mould width adjustment control
  • Electromagnetic stirring/electromagnetic braking
  • Casting speed control and load balancing
  • Alarming, prediction and mode identification for unknown grades by neural network
  • Dynamic display of temperature profiles in the front and rear wide-face copper plates